When I walk through the halls at school, I find myself judging the people around and I ask why? Why do people judge looks? It is an interesting trait really. If you look good people automatically assume you are good. If you don't look good then people assume you are a scrub or bad. It is the way society is today and the way it most likely will stay. I feel that people should look more closely at personality instead of looks. See the problem with looks is that you never know what you are going to get when it comes to personality.

For example, you see this gorgeous guy walking down the hall, and you meet him and realize he is the biggest jerk you have ever met. Now you walk down the hall at the same time and you see a not so good-looking guy. You " re nice so you talk to him for awhile. You soon notice that he is one of the most well natured guys you ever talked to. So as you can see, it is a box of chocolates when it comes to looks. You never know what you " re going to get.

When you look at a personality you are looking at a person's soul. You see a life with in a life. For example, you meet a person and get to know them and you begin to notice their traits. You notice if they are nice, kind, outgoing, lazy, bad, mean, rude... etc. therefore, when you form a relationship.

You already know something about that person. In my opinion, personality is the way to go and not looks. You find more out about the person, and don't have to worry about whether the person is cute or not. Judging people on their looks is a form of racism and most people don't realize that. They say they are not and, yet, do it all the time. So don't be racist, don't judge!.