i want to be friends with every one i like, and admire only difference is that they should like me, that's hard and difficult, how can every one like you. ta hts a big question? not every one may like you, every one has there likes and dis likes, its hard for some one to be liked. so i gave up the idea of liking every one. and i started liking my self. which made my life easier and happier for ever aND FOR EVER. so my advise is to like one self first.

and then worry about others. other wise you will be confused and start thinking about others and worry to, much so just love and like your self first. then think of others. i know its hard, but that's the way life is, you have to put your self first then any one else. its hard to decide how to not like some one.

liking is a very personal thing. i may like some one but the may not like me, then we should live like ths t and do, whats be for us. so the bottom line is just like your self. that's the best solution. i know its easy to say but its hard to do so. when you love some one and they hurt you then you are hurt badly, specially like me, who is very emotional, will feel left out not wanted and feel not loved.

so you have to be careful and not get hurt and be with your self and try to take charge of your emotions and build a shelf around your a self and let not any one cross that shell, because once your hurt it takes a lot of time to heel and that leaves you in l only ness and in depression, which is not a good mood for one as if you are you dont think straight and your thoth s may take you to an dangerous area where you may nit think st and chances of suicide are more. so do not go close to any one, keep of any kind of relationships, just be by yourself and what suo it your life, let it be a lone life not depending on any one. i know life like that is miserable. as a human being we tend to seek company. but what use is it if you dont get what you want, and have to sit and cry or crave foe affection, which you may m not get. its hard to live alone, people like me need some one to help them and need some one to show them that your needed the where do we c go its hard to live alone its hard to survive in a relation ship then what to do < where to go, .

who is going to be there for me. life is hard with all this ups and downs so i still feel just stay by your self and trust in god to show you the be ter way. life is full of ups and down who knows what happens when so just trust your instincts and go with it, never let any one know you love them more then you should, love is a very scary word many i mean really many people get hurt. so i think one should be very careful not to fall in the trap of the word love. life is better if you do so. be by your self and be happy actually happiness is very personal.

what makes some one happy no one knows, its hard to please every one. how can you know. how to please others. so just please your self. its hard to the whole wide world. i am scared to even think of doing so.

so my advise is to love on self and be happy about that.