Basketball is one of the most watched and played sport across the nation. The offense in basketball includes lay-ups, dunks, free throws, and jump shots. The jump shot is one of the most common shot. With the jump shot one doesn't have to be stationary and open.

He or she can score on the move, and in traffic, by jumping and extending the shot over the defender. Gripping the ball and proper footwork are important for one to succeed with the jump shot. When receiving the ball, catch the ball in the triple threat position, where one is ready to either shoot, pass, or drive and the knees bent with feet shoulder width apart. Once the ball is in the hand, one must have the correct grip on the ball.

The shooting hand acts as a platform and is under the ball. The other hand is used to balance the ball and should be on the side of the ball. One thing shooters must make sure they do is that they are square to the basket meaning that their shoulder should squared up to the hoop. Once ready to shot, the shooter should spring off the floor using both legs to provide sufficient power and making sure not to drift backwards or sideways. The shooter needs to go straight up, or slightly forward for longer shots, and shoot the ball just before he reaches the height of his jump, especially on outside shots, where players need the extra power of the upward force from the jump. On short shots in the paint, the player should shoot from the top of his jump.

This will allow him shoot over a defensive player. When going up for the shot, the shooting arm forms an 'L' with the elbow pointing toward the hoop, and the forearm vertical, with the ball up over his head. In the shooting process, one should focus on either the back of the rim or the front, not the flight of the ball. As the shoot comes off, the elbow should fully extend while keeping the elbow in. The player does not want to fall short of extending otherwise the shot will be short. The ball should be released with the snap of the wrist, letting it roll of the player's fingertips.

Then extend the fingers and wrist as if one was reaching in a cookie jar on a high cupboard. Perfecting this shot takes a lot of practice and diligence. The jump shot is one of the most effective shots in basketball. Once perfected, the player will be feared as an offensive threat and become very important to the team's scoring options.