The Comparison Between China and Japan The reason why I choose the country between China and Japan for my comparison is. China and Japan located in the same continent both of them produce many export goods. But China's export is mainly in workforce and Japan's export is mainly their goods that they invented themselves, such as Cars and electric. China and Japan is located in Asia. China is the most populous country in the world with number of people crossing 1. 298 billion in 2004 and Japan have 27.

7 billion. China is ranked very low in Human Development index having a rank of 94 in 177 countries of the world, but Japan is developed country and in human development, Japan is higher than China. The climate of China is extremely more diverse than Japan. China takes great pride in their cultural and artistic, which longer than Japan. China has the oldest culture than other countries in Asia, which can be traced back to more than 3, 000 years.

The greatest monument of China is The Great Wall Of China and the greatest monument in Japan is Tokyo Tower. Japan has Tokyo Disney land but China don't have. China has a famous river named Yangseegiang, which surround by old civilization but Japan has a famous mountain named Fuji, which provide very beautiful view of volcano. From this research, you will see that china is very big country and the population is very high. The main export of China is labor. There are many beautiful places to travel and study.

Anyway I think China and Japan have a lot of beautiful girls more than Thailand.