Since I don't want to be here I just am writing this up because I need to have a speech done tomorrow on this and I can't find out what is about so I will just sit here and writeExtacy is an illegal synthetic, or designer, drug. Designer drugs mimic an already illegal drug by slightly altering the chemical composition. Extacy is also called MDMA (Extacy), which stands for. The amount of MDMA (Extacy) needed to get 'high' is close to the toxic dose. Extacy is similar to methamphetamine and MDA, which is another designer drug, in its chemistry, therefore it may have similar affects to other amphetamines. Extacy acts as a stimulant to the central nervous system.

Extacy can be found in a capsule or pill form, of various colors. It may also be in powder form. Extacy is commonly used at 'rave' party settings. 'Raves' are all night parties known for their dance music and drug experimentation. -Other names for Extacy are wonder drug and Extacy, X, Extacy, E, Extacy. -IMMEDIATE EFFECTS OF MDMA EXTACY feelings of detachment loss of drives such as hunger, sleep, and sexual muscle tension blurred vision / rapid eye movements sweating or chills insomnia tremors hypertension increase in heart rate decrease in appetite dehydration nausea fainting death LONG-TERM EFFECTS OF MDMA EXTACY anorexia high blood pressure kidney failure stroke change in emotion affects memory change in brain chemicals PSYCHOLOGICAL EFFECTS OF MDMA EXTACY confusion depression sleep problems anxiety paranoia hallucinations panic psychotic episodesExtacy can deplete as much as 90% of the brain's serotonin supply with two weeks of use.

Serotonin is a neurotransmitter in the brain which controls activities such as regulating aggression, thinking, sleeping, eating, sensitivity to pain, and mood.