Social Work 105 Reflection Paper Dr. Emma Lucas Community is a group of people living or working together. The people who share the community should be united as one and work together to make their surroundings a better place. In reality, most communities strive for unity and try to have a common ground of understanding, but that rarely happens. To me it seems that a lot of communities have conflicts and do not try to do what is best for the community, because everyone wants to be in control. A lot of people are only thinking about themselves and don't want to help others.

People also feel that they can not make a difference because they are only one person. So, what is best for a community? In my opinion a community should uphold their responsibilities to one another. A community should make the best of any situation and try to complete their goals. A community should reflect on what hasn't worked for them in the past and try to work on the ideal solution for the future. A community must have respect for one another and appreciate one another for their differences.

It is important to notice that there are differences between people, but it's also important to accept those differences. A community should be aware of everyone's talents and, and each of these aspects should be used to its fullest abilities. A community must be a strong and structured source that everyone can rely on in the time of need. A community should allow you to feel like family and friends surround you, and know that you can depend on them at any time.

A community can give people the sense of belonging, that they are apart of something. It allows people to feel that they are needed, and their services will be useful. A community should enhance the feeling of security, unity, and peace. When you are servicing to others, it makes you feel that you are needed and wanted.

You have feel like someone is depending on you. Which makes you want to strive harder and do your best. When you are doing your best and putting your all into it, then that is what makes you feel that you are doing the duties of a community. If you are able to make a difference in just one person's life you have touched the community in a different way. When you work your hardest and giving it your all, then I feel that you are a member of a community.

When you take out time from your life to help someone else, then you are a member of a community. When people can depend on you and give you gratitude for what you do, then you are a member of a community. Wanting to make a change in someone's life or your own surroundings makes you a member of a community. In conclusion, communities should work together as one, building a strong structure that binds everyone together.

Community gives you a chance to belong and feel that you are a member. Community gives you the opportunity to use your talents to the fullest, and allows you to make a change in so many ways.