For fifty years the unexplained air craft wreckage found outside Roswell, New Mexico, has been in the center of on-going speculation about alien lifeforms and US Government and Military cover-ups. It is my personal belief that extraterrestrial bodies are present in this Universe and have landed on earth. There is more evidence pointing to the fact that there are aliens present in the universe as proved in this essay. Retired military officials will admit to there being extraterrestrials being present on earth.

An excellent example of this is what happened in Roswell, New Mexico, in 1947. When the US Government and Military first found the wreckage of an unidentified aircraft they issued a press release stating that they had come into possession of an Unidentified Flying Object. The present US Government have passed the Roswell incident off as a closed case - their investigations declared the incident to be nothing more than a crashed weather balloon from the top secret Project Mogul and the alien bodies merely to be crash test dummies. This essay will argue the point that there is other life in the Universe and that the crash landing at Roswell in 1947, was an alien space craft and not a weather balloon. Leading up to the 'Roswell Incident' UFOs were spotted all over New Mexico and the mid-western coast line. On July 1 of 1947, an Unidentified Flying Object appeared on the radar screens of surrounding airforce bases.

People also saw these objects in the skies that night and the next. On July 4 -Independence Day - radar screens showed an object pulsate then explode. Some archaeologists in the area were watching the sky and saw the aerial display as did a large number of the people living in the town. The archaeologists set out the next morning to look for the wreckage they saw fall to ground after the explosion. They reached the crash site about 10 am and found wreckage scattered over a site three quarters of a mile long and two to three hundred feet wide. The archaeology team alerted authorities then peered into the rubble to find the bodies of five aliens (the number of aliens is debatable), four of them already dead but one still alive with severe wound to the thigh.

The witnesses are sure they saw aliens in the space ship, not crash dummies, and the wreckage was too advanced to be human technology. A number of witnesses who saw the crash site before the US Government intervened were interviewed and all gave comprehensive descriptions of the aliens and their flying craft. All descriptions were very similar and if a number of people can give the same detailed evidence, something must have occurred. Many army retirees have come forward to tell their stories concerning the truth of what happened at Roswell.

The US Government will probably continue changing their stories of what they say happened (the crashed weather balloon). Only when new witnesses come forward and share their information will the truth eventually be exposed. For months after the incident, thousands of hopeful alien enthusiasts flocked to the alleged crash site to view the most famous alien crash site to date. So much attention was placed on the site that the few residents of Roswell, New Mexico, claimed that they feared the aliens would return and invade. Witnesses claim to have received death threats from the military; they were also told to deny all knowledge of what they had seen. The pieces of the alien space craft were taken to Groom Lake Airforce Base also known as Area 51.

Area 51 is a top secret military installation designed to house many of the government's secret details concerning alien aircraft. Substantial amounts of money was spent to protect the citizens of the world from receiving the truth about Area 51 and the alien presence among us. Recent developments have occurred when three-thousand nine hundred more acres have been purchased by the US government that adjoins the Groom Lake Airforce Base to house what could be up to four hundred newly found pieces from alien aircraft (as shown in documents retrieved from the internet). Now over fifty years since the uncovering of perhaps the strongest single piece of evidence to support the theory that aliens are present in the Universe, the American Government will still not admit involvement in covering-up the event, that took place on July 8, 1947, in Roswell, New Mexico. Nearly every piece of information points towards the probability that aliens did crash at Roswell and more importantly that aliens do exist. The only argument that does not support the fact that aliens are present is the American Government and Military denying it at numerous press conferences.

The American Government's and military's argument are refuted by the numbers of retired military and government personnel's testimony. The American Government should not be able to refute the evidence that there is intelligent life on other planets in the Universe because we have right to know.