The Hippocratic Oath and Kevorkian More than 2000 years ago Hippocrates who was known as the founder of medicine established a code of behavior for medical students. It is still recited by students about to enter medical practice today. The Hippocratic Oath addresses three major points. The first of these states that no deadly medicine should be given to anyone by diagnosis or if asked. The emphasizes the belief that no sic ian is to aid in the death of another person. Another major point in the Hippocratic Oath is that any houses entered by a physician should be entered for the benefit of the sick only with no acts of mischief or corruption taking place.

Finally the oath states that anything seen or heard in connection or not in connection with a physicians practice should not be divulged. this means that all information given to a physician during practice or not during practice should be kept secret. One major point of the Hippocratic Oath is addressed in the today's news. Dr.

Jack Kevorkian who repeatedly ignores the section of the oath dealing with the harming or killing of an individual. His assistance in the suicide of 39 persons, breaks the very backbone of the Hippocratic Oath. Although Hippocrates Oath was written a long time ago, its major points and principles still should be followed by physicians today. Such principles enforce doctors to perform in a way that follows the basic guidelines of modern society As you can see by this essay the Hippocratic Oath Although 2, 000 years old still should be abide d by today. Its major points and principles outline the way medical physicians should present themselves. Dr.

Jack Kevorkian's actions violate the Hippocratic Oath and all that is stated within it.