1 BECKETT King Henry II was a very extreme and shallow ruler. The king had a harsh method that only aided himself. He was not the best family man, king, or friend. He was he was surrounded by an obsession of one person, his best friend, Beckett. King Henry reigned with a tyrannical attitude, manipulative persona, and had a severe obsession for Beckett. King Henry II ruled his country to an unnecessary extreme.

The majority of the king's time was spent benefiting his own welfare. Only close family, friends, and nobility were taken care of. The king blatantly took care of himself and his supporters, overlooking the people who needed the most help. Henry spent too much of his time waiting for Beckett's consent.

King Henry possesses a manipulative mind-set. Henry attempts to manipulate Beckett, but does not succeed. Beckett is too intelligent to be controlled by the king. Unfortunately King Henry's family is manipulated by him. The King's family is aware of his manipulation, but attempting to do anything about it will only result negatively. The queen tried this at supper, but she was yelled at and sent out of the room by the king.

2 King Henry has an intense obsession with Beckett. The king desires Beckett's love and approval. Without Beckett's direction and care for King Henry, the King will not even bathe. After Beckett devoted his life to God, King Henry's obsession grew stronger. King Henry exiled his best friend out of his country. Beckett was not supposed to leave the country, but secretly did.

Henry indirectly told his guards that he did not want Beckett leaving. After reuniting on a French beach, they argued, and went their separate ways. But before the King headed back, he yelled Beckett's name one last time with no reply. King Henry II was an extreme ruler, a controlling person, and an obsessive friend. King Henry was not a good friend, although he wanted to be, but betrayed his one and only friend. Henry attempted to manipulate everyone around him.

He had his closest lords completely willing to do his work. Henry might have been a good king, father, or friend, if Beckett were a different person. Trent Arrington.