ROAD RAGE Night falls. You get in your car to drive to the mall with a few friends. The world around you swirls in a mixture of shadows and rows of street lamps that line the side of the highway. That day's test and the fight with your best friend are all running through your head. But at least the traffic is moving well. You glance to the side before pulling out in front of a car.

All is clear and you switch into the next lane. As you pass the other car, another car comes up from your right and banks you sharply. A spray of sparks bounces of your passenger door. Then you look to the right, and you see a hostile glare and then the driver of the other car mouths some obscenities in your direction. Quickly you speed up to escape the car.

The chase is on. Welcome to 'road rage.' ; Chances are that you have never been in a situation like this one. But every day, the chances increase. To avoid situations like this one, there are many steps that one can take. First off, don't take traffic problems personally. And don't take your personal day into traffic.

Second, avoid eye contact with aggressive drivers. Third, don't make obscene gestures. This makes you a player in the 'game.' ; Also, don't tailgate. The makes people angry and want to retaliate. Do not honk unless absolutely necessary. This also makes people get angry.

And most of all don't block lanes. Especially the passing lane, and the right and left turn lanes. If you obey to these rules, you shouldn't have much trouble. Keep to yourself and don't pick fights..