Final Shot It was Feburary 3, 2005 it was my championship game. I still can't believe you didn't go to that game Kenny. It was the best game that I played in my whole career of basketball. It all started when I was listening to my CD player I was already in my zone so at game time I got on the court with my team warming up talking about the other teams best player. I was trying to get warmed up properly so I wouldn't get injured in the game it was just to important for me to miss out on. Time must have been flying because before I knew it the buzzer ed had sounded and the game was about to begin.

We talked to our coach and he told us to go out there and have fun because win or lose we still are the champions in our heart. As we got to the middle of the court everybody shake each others hands and then everybody stood in there places. The ref tossed the ball in the air my teammate slapped it towards me and right away I had my first two points of the game. In the first half I was on a roll I had 20 points but Anthony the star of the other team had 25 points and the lead of the game as the score at half time was 45 to 40. In the final quarter of the game it was time for me to take over the game as I went head to head against Anthony each of scoring one after the other trying to see who would give up first. It was 95 to 94 10 seconds left in the fourth quarter I had the ball in my hand while Anthony played defense on me i took him to the right pulled up for the jump shot nothing but net I had scored my 45 th point of the game.

The crowd went while as did I. I felt like Jordan for that one moment but Anthony's team had the final shoot with 4 seconds on the clock. I knew in my mind that it was up to me to stop him from scoring. Anthony gets the ball takes me to thew left a pick is set up for him leaving him wide open and I just closed my eyes as I hear the crowd roar as the buzzer ed sound and then I see my teammates jumping up and down as Anthony's jump shot goes off the back iron of the rim. I began to celebrate then I went to Anthony shook his hand and he told me that I was one of the best players that he has ever played in his life and I said thanks, the same goes to you.

This game really changed me as a player because when I see that I want something I just got to be really focused on it to be able to achieve it. I still can't believe you miss that game your a fool for not coming to see the championship game.