####Miguel Solis December 7, 2001 Pancho Villa web History Per. 3 Pancho Villa was one of the most well known Mexicans in the world in his time at around 1914 and even today. This Internet site was about the life of crime Pancho Villa lived. This site was very informative and it was very interesting to me. I liked it because I like to know what happened in my culture. The mechanics of this site was all right but could have been a lot better.

It had a lot pictures of him, but could have had some animation on it. I liked the pictures it had on it because it showed him in what he was going to do to a certain town or when he was just hanging out with his friends. Although this site was boring it had a lot of features to it. For example, it had a whole section on just how he got started on being one of the most wanted men in Mexico. I learned a lot about Pancho Villa from this site. I learned that he started to go on the run when he was only the age of sixteen.

When he was sixteen he saw that his mother was arguing with a ranch owner, didn't like it and shot him in the foot. After he shot the ranch owner he ran off into the forest and that is how he started his life as a rebel. To me I thought that was very interesting he started at a young age, his whole life he lived had to watch his back.