he most heroic person? In the list there are many heroes, people that save lives, people who discover evidence and facts, and people who accomplish life long goals. It took me a while to decide on who is the most heroic, after I put my thoughts together I decided on the firefighter. Being a firefighter is a big responsibility: you have to be willing to put your life on the line for people you " ve never spoken to or even seen before. I believe a firefighter is the most heroic job there is even more than a doctor. The reason I believe this firefighter is number one on the list; first of all this man ran into a burning building knowing the effects that could happen to him. This smoke filled building was collapsing, that didn't stop the man he kept on running with pride, just to save a little boy.

There were many firefighters there knowing a little boy was trapped under the clouds of smoke. This man could of turned his back on the little boy and let another firefighter try and be a hero, but that's not the way this man was, he was a true hero. All firefighters take this job knowing that their life is on the line every time they enter a burning building. Entering like this firefighter did was a true heroic thing.

Others might say that it's their job to save lives and they get payed good, so they just do it for the money. But running in a building like this man did was something you don't see everyday. Ya doctors save lives almost everyday and cops prevent injuries and deaths. But that is nothing like risking your own life for one you " ve never met before. What I am trying to say here is that this firefighter lost his life trying to save a little boy and that there is a good example of a hero.