Online Universities and Traditional Universities Traditional universities are a wonderful way to study for students who have the time and patience to deal with teachers and classmates. In contrast, online universities are the ideal way to study for students who do not have the time to go to school and those who enjoy working at their own pace. Some students enjoy traditional universities while others prefer online universities. If someone chooses a traditional university and then realizes that he or she is unable to keep up with his or her schedule and class work, this student might decide to try an online university. Ultimately, everyone chooses which route works best for him or her. Traditional universities require students to attend class in person on a daily basis.

One advantage to attending a traditional university is that students have face-to-face access to their teachers. While in the classroom, students are able to ask the teacher questions and they will receive a response right away. Another advantage of traditional universities is that students have access to more than one computer. Therefore, if one computer is not working properly, the student may switch to another computer to complete his or her assignment. Finally, attending a traditional university gives students the opportunity to participate in the university athletics programs and Greek organizations. Students can attend sporting events, fraternity parties, and sorority parties.

Conversely, online universities do not require students to attend class in person on a daily basis. This method works quite well for people working multiple jobs, with children, and for military personnel. Online universities give full responsibility to the student. Each student must keep up with all of the class work and interact with the teacher and classmates via the Internet.

An advantage to attending an online university is that the student can work at his or her own pace. Online universities do not provide face-to-face communication with teachers and classmates. Some students prefer this approach because they feel more comfortable without the face-to-face contact. With online university classes, students simply complete the assignments and submit them to the proper folder.

Online universities allow students the freedom to go on vacation to any state or country and still participate in class. As long as students have access to the Internet they can log onto the school website, sign into their designated classroom, and complete all assignments. Overall, if a student attends a traditional university or an online university he or she can have fun with his or her classmates or his or her co workers. Both traditional and online universities enrich our education. Regardless of which route one takes, in the end everyone earns a college degree and improves his or her chances of succeeding in life.