Platoon was a movie of the 1980's that focused on the Veit nam war. Platoon was written as an anti-war film, showing a lot of the negative aspects of the war. Platoon was a special film because of the 360 degree filming style that shows all angles of the war. The film was written and directed by Oliver Stone, who fought in Vietnam. He had a dream to make a movie about the war that is not fictional but how he actual remembered the movie. This movie has a sum what hard to fallow plot trying to emulate the confusion and disorientation of the actual soldiers.

The movie is narrated by a young soldier played by Charlie Sheen that was actually based on Stone himself. The soldier is a average college student who volunteers for the war. He joins the war because he thinks it would be the patriotic thing to do. Other main characters in the movie include Barnes, the role model sergeant, that is thought of as for being so lucky. Elias, the typical soldier that needs drugs to cope with the war and Bunny. Bunny is the type of soldier that will do anything to survive.

One of the most amazing scenes in the movie is a science with the village people of a city. The science makes the viewer suspect that villagers may be harboring enemy forces and planning the troops. The soldiers living in fear not knowing who is on their side start to get angry. This anger is quickly turned into violence and madness. Eventually the soldiers start to lose it and are willing to kill almost anyone on that they suspect. Others soldiers try and remain calm and stick with their morals and this leads to some of their deaths.

It is easy to understand why soldiers react to these situations as they do. It is not su prizing that by the end of the scene Americans are actually killing other Americans. There is just too much confusion, witch seems to be the major theme of both this movie and the war.