The purpose of this paper is to identify key stakeholder groups in the Air Force. In addition to identifying these stakeholders groups, this paper will include whom in the Air Force marketing and communications programs might affect. The next paragraph will expound of who the key stakeholder groups are. Key stakeholders for the United States Air Force (USAF) are people in the community, in every town, and every state that make up this country. In addition, other key stakeholders are personnel in congress and even the President of the United States. The United States Air Force's marketing and communication programs have changed remarkably over the years.

Since the birth of the USAF over 55 years ago, the marketing strategy has changed from the draft to the "Cross into the blue" (Air Force, 2002). In 2002, communication to the public about the United States Air Force was received as the best place to be (Air Force, 2002). "When you Cross Into the Blue, you realize that everyone counts - that each and every member of the Air Force is in the position to make an impact. The Air Force will work to help you discover where you fit in and how you " ll leave your mark. Whether you " re in high school ready to join the enlisted ranks and continue your education or in college looking for a career as an officer - we have a variety of exciting and rewarding career paths. But it's up to you to take advantage of them" (Air Force, 2002).

The Air Force's communication program via web site where I retrieved this information continues on and gives listings of career fields that will be right for the stakeholder or consumer feeling excited about being a part of a team and ready to sign-up to cross into the blue. Given the "new" Air Force communication to the public, the USAF is now marketing education benefits to make people believe by choosing an Air Force career that he or she will have a successful life (Air Force, 2002). For example, the Air Force is relaying that they are dedicated to educational development and will make it easy for a person to build on education throughout his or her career. The Air Force is offering a number of unique academic opportunities and experiences in the Air Force. The public can choose from a variety of colleges, universities, and tech training programs to complete his or her education. "Cross into the blue and get the education you need to be successful in life.

Take a look at the offerings on the Air Force web site and find a program that is right for you. Community College of the Air Force (CCAF) - CCAF is America's largest community college and the only degree-granting institution in the world" (Air Force, 2002). Overall, the United States Air Force is communicating and marketing a product. The marketing product is serving our country and having fun doing it. The Air Force is and has been marketing to communities around the country that once a person chooses to cross into the blue, they will join a diverse team of men and women that share more than a common mission.

They will share common interests, goals, and aspirations. People are being pulled into this marketing strategy and feeling that the Air Force is giving an opportunity to pursue life-long dreams and at the same time being able to do the things that he or she likes to do (Collins, 2002). The Air Force is giving people a chance to travel and have adventure - getting to go places and see things others only talk about (Air Force, 2002). Throughout this paper I have identified key stakeholders that are affected by the Air Force's marketing and communication programs. Moreover, gave examples of how the United States Air Force utilizes marketing strategy to have people believe in a mission and making them want to be a part of the "team." Since the United States Air Force's marketing and communications programs have changed remarkably over the years, the strategy is leading people to believe that once they cross into the blue they will discover where they fit it and leave their own personal mark.