This past week I attended the play, "Revolution: A Song of Black Freedom" and I was very impressed on how it played out. The words of this play were written by Langston Hughes and Maya Angelou. This play displayed a lot of the different poems that were written by Maya Angelou and Langston Hughes. I thought it was a very good tribute to the lives of Langston Hughes and Maya Angelou. It showed how they used their gift of writing to help and encourage African American people back in mid 1900's. This play was about an hour long and full of interesting poems by Langston Hughes and Maya Angelou.

The poems that they recited went right along with each other. One poem led to another and so on. Some of the poems that were recited that were by Maya Angelou were, "The Heart Of a Woman,"Gather Together In My Name,"A Brave and Startling Truth," and many more. Some of the famous poems that were recited and played out by Langston Hughes were "I Wonder as I Wander,"The Ways of White Folks," and "The Dream Keeper." All of the actors recited and acted every poem out very well.

Each actor had his or her own poem and they acted it out. The actors were Ina Houston, Shayla Jarvis, Charles Gardner, and Jessica East. Each actor seemed to have their own style or character in the play. Jessica East had on the tight, short shorts with a small tight shirt. I portrayed her as being a stuck up girl who was very interested in guys. She said most of the poems that were about how beautiful women were and how they should be portrayed in the eyes of men.

She had somewhat of a sexy walk when she walked around the stage and she flirted with the only guy that was on stage. Ina Houston was a very interesting character. She was a very energetic person who ran, screamed, and jumped all over the theatre. She said most of the poems that needed to have a lot of emphasis on them.

On one poem, she jumped up out of one of the chairs on stage, then she ran up the stairs in the audience screaming the poem, then ran across the back of the auditorium and back down to the stage. On another one of the poems that she recited, she got emotional because the poem was very toughing. I believe the poem was by Maya Angelou. Charles Gardner was the only male in the play and he recited just about all of the poems that Langston Hughes rote. I portrayed him as being a powerful man who stood up for himself and what he believed in. He actually interacted with the audience also.

He was acting as though he tried to make Jessica jealous by going into the audience and flirting with one of the young women in the audience. The last actor, Shayla Jarvis looked to be the grown women of the bunch. She seemed as though she was the most mature because she said her poems like she went though a lot of things. She tried to tell Jessica to stop pursuing all of those guys and concentrate about what was going on in the world today.

So overall, the whole play was very inspirational to me because I really never heard a lot of the poems that were written by Maya Angelou and Langston Hughes. The poems that were recited went along with what was going on during t what was back then called a revolution. Back then, the reason that a lot of people pushed for a revolution was because they wanted change. Change was a huge part of this program because the all of the poems were tied together.

All of the poems were talking about the struggles that they went through and how they planned on getting out of that struggle. Back then and now there is still a struggle going on between the different races.