Life's a Bitch Life's a bitch is a movie filmed out of Mexico, which examines the life of three individuals who are all indirectly involved in the same car crash. The sequencing of the film is much like director Quentin Tarantino's Pulp fiction, in which several lives are separate, but related. Nonetheless, the movie was very interesting. Three lives were viewed, a young man and his love for his brother's wife, a model's pitiful life as an accident ruins her legs and career, and a bum hit man's yearning for his daughter and his eventual redeeming. Much like Pulp Fiction, the movie effectively jumps around a lot in time. These jumps back-and-forth all return to the main event in the film, which surrounds a car accident that we see repeatedly in perspectives of the characters involved.

The effect is a chain reaction that changes the lives of those involved. Such a film makes you wonder exactly how much the events in our own lives have dramatically changed the lives of another. The bum's contribution to the film was the most entertaining. His life was transformed from a down-and-out bum who reminisced daily about his daughter or as he called it, a 'living ghost,' to a cleaned up father who once again set out to better understand the world. The story was interesting and included humor while trying to teach a moral lesson. I thought a funny moment in the movie involved the bums capturing of a target that he was supposed to kill for money.

He ties the man up and questions him as to what he should name his dog. For more than five minutes the conversation involves the naming of the dog, in which he concludes will be Gaston, not only the name of the man who put the hit out, but the target's brother. After cleaning up and setting out having not killed his target, the bum is then asked the name of the dog by a stranger, he replies 'black ie.'.