Composed Upon Westminister Bridge is a poetry composed by William Wordsworth, a main character whom the story of the poetry is narrated. In this narrative-styled poetry, Wordsworth is standing on the Westminister Bridge early in the morning and is describing the beauty of London, through his emotions regarding nature. Wordsworth is admiring the calmness and peacefulness of the morning. In, Composed Upon Westminister Bridge, the city of London is portrayed as 'a garment wear in the very early morning setting.' This detail points out the resting calmness of the city during that time. Also, the city of London looks very calm since everything is at rest. It seems as though the whole city is asleep.

'The beauty of the morning; silent, bare. Ships, towers, domes, theaters, and temples lie open unto fields, and to the sky.' (5-7) The river flows quietly as well. 'The river glide th at his own sweet will.' Lastly, the calmness and quiet make sun rays shine deep into every corner of the valley. 'Never did sun more beautifully sleep in his first splendor valley, rock, or hill;' (10) Wordsworth is feeling strong emotions toward nature of this Quiet.

He is quoted as saying, 'Ne " er saw I, never felt a calm so deep!' (11) The poetry creates the imagery of a peaceful city with a beautifully glittering sun and a quietly flowing river in the early morning. The calm tone of the poem appreciates the beauty of nature and is the main theme of this work. In Composed Upon Westminister Bridge, Wordsworth shows his sensibility and passion toward nature which makes a metropolitan city like London appear exceptionally beautiful.