According to the civil right act of 1964, no employee shall be discriminated on the basis of race, color religion, or gender. There have been cases in the past two years that have involved sexual harassment to employees, mostly women. These cases fall into three categories: Economic, quid pro quo sexual harassment, and hostile environment sexual harassment. Quid pro quo Sexual Harassment: This is a case between Staci Bonner and Robert Guccione, JR. , individually. The plaintiff in this case in Staci Bonner, who has complained that female employees including herself were victims of quid pro quo sexual harassment.

The defendant is Robert Guccione, Jr. who was the man that was alleged of sexually harassing the female workers. The activity that was taken place here is that Staci commenced the action of quid pro quo sexual harassment on Robert Guccione, Jr. claiming that she and other female workers were asked to submit to sexual advances in order to get a promotion.

The district court has analyzed Bonner's case and after careful review found that " there was insufficient evidence that she herself was asked to submit to sexual advances in order to gain a promotion." Bonner also filed for sexual harassment based on gender, but didn't prevail because she " failed to prove that the defendants were untruthful in their explanation that she was denied writing opportunities and other benefits because of her writing abilities are opposed to her gender, ." She was not awarded any damages on her hostile work environment either because she failed to show that she sustained any damages within the period of her employment.