Abortions have become popular to the industry. About 43% of American women will have one or occasionally more than one abortions during their lifetime. Women's centers and hospitals perform more than a million abortions per year. Most abortions are done on women under the age of 25.

Majority of abortions are done for teenagers. Abortions are obviously in great demand. Most of the causes of abortions for women are due to personal and medical problems, and abusive sexual acts (rape pregnancy). The vast majority (in surplus of 90%) of abortions are wanted for personal reasons. About 6% of all abortions are wanted because either the woman or fetus has medical reasons. About 1% of all abortions are wanted because of abusive sexual act.

The reason why some women have abortions is due to personal problem that they think they can't handle. One might feel that they do not have the financial resources to bring up a child. Some women feel that they are not ready for the responsibility of bringing up a child. Some women feel that their life would be changed too much. They might have a plan for their future, as far as education, developing a career, and etc. that would cause difficulty for having a child at the present time.

She might be looking after an elderly parent and doesn't have sufficient time or energy to commit to a baby. She may feel that her relationship with her partner isn't in good condition. One might feel that they are too young, and not sufficiently mature to become a mother. A woman that already has children is grown and she doesn't want to start another family, or that she has all the children that she wants. A teenager could feel pressure from the father or from her parents to have an abortion. They feel that she lacks the emotional and physical strength to go through another pregnancy and raise the child.

Women that believe that raising an additional child would short-change her existing children. She is a student and / or without a partner; she feels that raising a child would be too difficult and disruptive at her time in life. She doesn't want other people to know that she became pregnant. A child would interfere with her career or education. She may fear physical abuse from a parent if they learn of her pregnancy.

She may fear being tossed out onto the street by a parent if they learn of her pregnancy. In the case of a multiple pregnancy, the woman may be faced with giving birth to more newborns than she feels she can deal with. Another reason why some women have abortions is due to medical problems that they think or know they can't handle. The fetus might have been hurt by exposure to high levels of toxic chemicals, medications that might be dangerous to the fetus, alcohol, drugs, etc.

They may cause the fetus to be genetically damaged. Some girls become pregnant at a very young age, when pregnancy can be dangerous. The fetus has a genetic defect or other health problem. Virtually all of the couples who find that the fetus suffers from Down's Syndrome, or a similar defect, elect to have an abortion. The woman may develop eclampsia. This involves a sudden increase in blood pressure, and onset of seizures.

The results can be fatal to both the woman and fetus. This used to be called toxemia of pregnancy. In the case of a multiple pregnancy, some or all of the fetuses will end up with various long-term health problems; some may not survive at all. Physicians will sometimes recommend a selective reduction process where one or more fetuses are killed in order that the remaining fetuses would be born normal. And there are other women who go through abortions because of abusive sexual acts, know as rape pregnancies. About ten to fifteen thousand abortions once a year are wanted because the conception occurred after rape or during sexual contact between close relatives (family members), and the woman doesn't want to bear a child who was conceived in violence.

Women, including all young girls, teenagers, and even adults shouldn't be sexually active. By Females not having sexual intercourse, it will stop the number of abortions. If women are unsure of being responsible enough to become pregnant for whatever reason, then they shouldn't be sexually active. Parents should take that extra step to make sure that their daughters are well protected; as far as sex, if their daughter is sexually active; so an abortion doesn't have to be one of the resolutions.

Abortions have a great affect on women. Most abortions are caused because of personal, and medical problems. Also, another result of abortions is caused by rape pregnancies. And some women just make simple mistakes. There is only one sure way to stop unwanted pregnancies and abortions, and that is abstinence..