E. E. Cummings Edward Estlin Cummings was born in Cambridge, Massachusetts on October 14, 1894. There were three important events in his early life that had effects on him and how he got famous.

Additionally there were three things during his later life. Lastly there were three major events in his life. E. E.

Cummings parents were extremely intelligent people that were very well educated. This had an influence on how he started poetry because he mom encouraged him to write all the time as a child and to express himself through it. He completed a B. A. degree at Harvard University in 1915, which is where he got his first poems printed in the Harvard Monthly. E.

E. Cummings later life was a little more complicated. Following his imprisonment during World War I. He had his first book of poems published on his accounts. In 1925 he wins the Dial Award and begins to write for Vanity Fair.

This started his career in writing. He died in 1962 after enjoying 12 popular books published of his poetry. Three major events in E. E. Cummings life are as follows.

The most important in many peoples' opinion was his mother's influence, she had forced him to do many things that helped him have a vast knowledge of proper English. This also led him to attend Harvard University. Another was the unfortunate event that led to his capture in World War I. He was kept in isolation with one other person for three months.

This led to the publishing of his first book based on these experiences. Finally there was his third marriage. After trouble and turmoil throughout his first two, this last one was his final and they stayed together until death. That led him to much happier poems and writing. Edward Estlin Cummings was a very educated person and had shown how this began in his early life. There were also important events that effected him in the later part of his life.

Three major events had occurred in his whole life that effected him in many ways greatly. Throughout his life he was an extremely talented writer / poet , there hasn't been anyone with his style since.