Old and New Imperialism There were two different time periods where Imperialism occurred. The first wave of imperialism, called the "Old" Imperialism, lasted from around 1500 - 1800. The "New" Imperialism lasted from around 1870 - 1914. The three main differences that we will discuss today are the differences in economics, politics, and the motive behind all of this. The new and the old waves of imperialism were very much different through economics. The old economics was pretty much all about trading, they imply bought the wares brought to them by the native merchants.

They didn't have much of a money system; it was sort of a trade system. Also in old imperialism they had trade commerce on much of the coast in South America as well as Islands near Asia and England. So the wave of old imperialism was all about trading. However, the new imperialism had a different economic idea. They didn't just want the goods of native merchants; they wanted special types of predicts. They would move into countries to get their products.

Instead of having trade centers along coasts, they would set up plantations, docks, and factories in other countries. They also got as much money as they could out of people; it was all about getting money in the new imperialism unlike that of the old imperialism. The new and old waves of imperialism also differed politically. In new imperialism, they wanted to dominate politically, they wanted their politics to dominate and rule everything. They wanted to dominate in order to secure their investments. Although in old imperialism the people didn't care so much to have political power everywhere, they just wanted someone to rule them and keep trade going in the countries that they are living in.

The motive in the new wave of imperialism and in the old wave of imperialism had a great difference. Old imperialism's motives was mainly about bringing civilization to other countries, and teach them how to live. They just wanted glory, gold, and they wanted the satisfaction of thinking they did something good in Gods eyes. But the new motive is completely different. In the new wave of imperialism they wanted to take over already largely populated areas. They just get all the people together, men, husbands, dads, teenagers and everybody they could other than women to help take over colonies Once they captured there colonies or cities they would transport needed material to that place and help them build it up so Europeans can have more power.

As it could easily been seen, the old and the new wave of imperialism was totally different. Mostly in the motive of the two.