This novel, 'Interview with the Vampire'; , by Anne Rice, is by far one of the best book I've ever read. It started with a young boy interviewing a vampire, and the vampire related him the whole story of his life, how he became a vampire, his thrilling adventures through the centuries and his complex relationships with both the mortals and the immortals. In my opinion, Anne Rice had done the best of jobs. The writing and the detailed descriptions, the composing of this novel, had brought out every emotion of the characters like the flick of a whip. The rage, the love, the hatred, the sufferings, the darkness, the pain and the terror, were all presented so vividly as if in front of my eyes, as if I were really part of the character.

I think Anne Rice had created the most successful characters. Throughout the whole book, you can really look at the conflicts between them. They are, somehow, attached or attracted by each other, both the mortals and the immortals. Their love and hate and struggles go to such degrees, and yet limited by their nature, it was almost impossible to understand it at all. I believe Anne Rice had used those characters to express humanity, the whole plot was some kind of an irony. Something like a metaphor, though she exaggerated everything to make it poignant enough.

Not only were the characters a success, the time and place details were incredible. The costumes, ways of manner, history and every background changes as the years passed, and she made the backgrounds so realistic that I could almost feel everything surrounding me. Actually I think Anne Rice had done such a great job that this book should be counted as literature. After reading the last line of this novel, I was both stunned and fascinated, but somehow quite disturbed. It really took me some time and thoughts to understand the whole plot and to sort out the conflicts, especially at the ending. Thoroughly I truly enjoyed this dark, fascinating and moving tale.

Even though it was a little disturbing, I really would recommend it to anybody.