Views on Death Penalty am all against the death penalty. To put people to death for their crime, in my opinion, is wrong; I believe in second chances. The eighth amendment is also violated. Getting executed also actually costs more then being in prison for life. Last, it could be an innocent death.

Capital punishment is a cruel end to our uncivilized society. The practice of it is immoral, unfair, and violates human dignity. Second chances should also be considered. A person could learn their lesson or wrongdoing and do the right things from then on. Amendment VIII states that no cruel and unusual punishments shall be inflicted. How can people not consider the death penalty cruel punishment? Back in the old days, the electric chair or being shot executed people.

Now it's a lethal injection to the body. When applying for citizenship, you agreed not to kill anyone. Is it also right to prevent murder by murdering? Many believe it is less expensive to put someone to death than to put someone to prison for life. The cost of the equipments and maintenance of the procedures attending the death penalty, which includes the death row, the many appeals and legal machinery, far exceeds the expense of staying in prison for the small amount of criminals who would be put to death. The criminal could also be innocent for their crime and nobody wants to slay an innocent person.

In conclusion, I am all against the death penalty. Putting someone to death for a capital crime is immoral and should not be practiced. I personally would rather live my life in prison than be put to death.