haven't been saying much lately; is school going ok? A 2. We usually spend Fridays together; is anything wrong? B 1. My girlfriend Kris was being real quiet and acting a little strange; I thought she might be mad at me about something I might have said. I mentioned to her that she seemed a little quiet. I asked her if she was having problems at work or if she was mad at me about something. She explained that there wasn't a problem, she just hadn't slept very well the night before and was a little spaced out.

I think that I handled this situation properly by showing concern rather than making accusations about something that I assumed. B 2. Recently I had ordered some kitchen cabinets thru Me nards. When the order was delivered, Kris and I noticed that a mistake was made. Kris immediately became angry and decided she was going to let them have it. She called and immediately asked to speak to the manager.

When the manager got on the phone, Kris demanded satisfaction in no uncertain terms. The manager then also became aggressive, pointing out that we had already signed the order. By signing the order we were also agreeing that the order was correct. I decided to go in and have a talk with him. My first instinct was to chew his butt out but, I decided that if that tactic didn't work for Kris, it probably wasn't my best choice. When we got there, I calmly explained to the manager that I understood that we didn't look over the paperwork thoroughly enough, and that we didn't catch the mistake.

I continued to explain that we had given Bruce (the person who had helped us originally) the correct part numbers and that he probably just made a simple mistake. When the manager realized that we weren't there to attack him, he became much more agreeable. Since then we " ve found numerous mistakes, but now, miraculously we seem to be getting full cooperation from the manager.