He's not Making Funnies is He? Gulliver's Travels is swarmed with many different satires. In the movie Gulliver's Travels, Jonathan Swift throws out a number of ideas and statements concerning his views of hatred for cruelty, injustice, pettiness, and also stupidity that he saw through his everyday life. I like the way that he conveys his satires among the audience. In the first part of the video, a lot of his criticisms were going towards the higher people of the ladder. For example, the King of the ship and then all of the other rulers of the world were the main people that he put down.

When the ship was going to crash due to the imbalance of the flight magnet, the King simply sat on his throne and told the men in the room that everything was going to be fine. While the many men on board were running around frantically, the King did not give any aid to the problem. The point here was that Kings of the time, were not fulfilling their roles, instead, they were laying back and letting problems settle for themselves. Also, in the first section of the video, professors got the bashing of satire. While Lemuel was walking around the island, he was stopping randomly and asking for directions to the place.

Almost all of the rooms he entered, there was a professor working on an experiment. After he asked the intelligent men for the path to his destiny, they would simply describe their project to him or respond with not knowing what he was talking about. With the actions of the man, I thought that the satire on the professors was superior. The professors were not worrying about anything else that went on around them, due to the fact that they were too into their projects. Lemuel describes them to be experiments with no end. The thought of how professors work so hard on making something that will come to be nothing was explained with great and detailed satire in the afterward part of the video clip.

In the second part of the movie, Lemuel Gulliver was on an island with some different kid of "creatures." One of the animals was a horse, and they obtained the name of houyhnhnms. These were symbolizing the natives from another planet, country, land, or island. The horses were talking to Lemuel and he discussed his culture and in exchange, the houyhnhnm's shared their thoughts and beliefs with Lemuel. This satire was arguing the fact that different race people can and should get along with one another. Lemuel explains that there are differences, but they can be worked around, and their will be common attributes of the people.

Also, the Yahoos were another native breed on the island. I think the satire with them was that leaders were chosen by the people. All the fellow Yahoos chose one leader, and that is how country's elections should be run. Gulliver's Travels was an outstanding video for a good bashing of people and the way the act. The satire used throughout this story, can be taken a number of different ways. In the end, they all come to the point of the hatred for wrong doings by others..