As you enter my room there is a double bed on your right side. There is navy blue bedding on my bed. I have a dresser on the other side of the room. The dresser has five drawers in it. I also have a chest on the end of my bed. The chest is filled with pitch urs.

I also have a bathroom connected to my room. the bathroom has a bath and a shower. I have de cerated it with the cover green. I like green because it is the cover color of the forest.

I also have green drapes hanged up on the windows. That is basically what my bedroom looks like. My parents room looks like the same but it is different. They have a queen size bed.

The bed has flower bedding on it. It is very ugly. I would never have being on my bed like that. On time they tried to give me ther bedding but I said No way.

I wanted to get my own bedding. They wee trying to be cheap but I would not ALOW THAT. They have two dressers but they need to replace them. They are old and are chipping. The paint on them are half way off. I think they need to replace them but they said they can not afford to because I cost to much money.

I want them to buy me things so I guess they can go with out. I should in joy my child hood as long as possible.