Gandhi the movie, a story of one man's devotion to his religion, opened a whole new aspect of the very different ways of the Hindu religion. The movie portrayed Mohandas Karam chand Gandhi as a man of courageous actions and strong will to pave the path for his people. Gandhi was ready and able to do anything and everything for his country. He stood up for the people by addressing the British government of the unfair justice that the people were living. Gandhi's way of non-violence, devotion and persistence gave the people of India hope for a independent country, Gandhi's life consisted of his pursuit for this freedom. From his first stand, the burning of the passports to his last strive for a shared India between the Pakistan and Muslims Gandhi did not stray from his goals or beliefs.

Gandhi's's stressed non-violence to such an extreme, that his followers stood up to armies unarmed and without intent to harm anyone viciously being beaten to the ground for holding the beliefs that they did. When India was declared independent the people were joyed, but the British government had a catch they stated that the Pakistanis and the Muslims must be separated. As intended the country became up roared with each other starting a war between the two cultures. At this time Gandhi began one of many fast that he had taken in his life crumbling his health to near death in declaration of the cease of the war and to demonstrate his strong disbelief in violence.

He followed religiously the life stages of the Hindu religion, living a life of poverty, devoting himself to manual labor, the spinning of homespun cloth and gracious treatment of animals non-violence, truthfulness and anti-untouchables; accepting everyone of any race, culture or religion. Overall Gandhi was a strong willed man of peaceful ways and devotion to his beliefs and religious ways. In the movie the Hindu religion was depicted as a strong devotion to ones beliefs Religion was not only a belief but a way of life, not only something that is faith filled but makes up who you are. From the ways of what level of the cast system to the stages in which you follow throughout life.

Which shows that the Hindu religion is not only a strike one but requires strong will and devotion. After watching the movie the will and way and way of the Hindus was outmost astonishing. Gandhi possessed such a strong devotion, faith filled belief in his way of life that was admiring. I was sorrowful for the violence happenings throughout the movie many lives that were lost and people that were injured and the greatest loss of all the death of Mohandas Karmchand Gandhi. Hindu religion was well portrayed in this movie it lead to a greater understanding of the Hindu religion and the great Gandhi... If he were a man of our Catholic religion I am sure he would have been named a saint.

By Trinity Karay.