The group, Tamil Tigers, claim themselves to be freedom fighters. This report will show, and hopefully convince you, that they are not freedom fighters, but that they are a terrorist group. The use of boys and girls as young as ten years old for wars, suicide missions, and the assassinations of famous leaders, priests, and ministers are a few proofs that Tamil Tigers are terrorist. Tamil Tigers, also known as LTTE (Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam), have been using boys and girls as young as ten years old for a long time in its fight against the armed forces of Sri Lanka. They are "kidnapped, brainwashed, and sent to die." 1 The United Nations have confirmed this after a study by Graca Mace l of Mozambique.

In lots of news, Tamil Tigers are often blamed for most of the suicide and other terrorist missions that occur around the Sri Lanka area. One if the suicide missions for which the Tamil Tigers was blamed for was when bombers rammed explosive-laden boats into a fuel ship carrying 28 people. 25 people were rescued, while 3 were considered missing and possibly killed. Five rebel boats were involved with this attack. 2 Another suicide mission was "aviation history's most destructive terrorist act." 3 The Tamil Tigers has open assault on Sri Lanka's Bandaranaike airport.

The 14-man squad team penetrated the high security complex and destroyed or damaged 26 commercial and military aircraft. 4 This attack is by far the biggest terrorist operation launched by the Tamil Tigers. This operation became cost effective to Sri Lanka. Not only do they do terrorist suicide mission attacks on airports, buildings, and ports, but they also go after and assassinate famous leaders, priests, and ministers. On July 27, 1975 former major for Jaffna, Alfred Duraiyappa was assassinated. On June 2, 1987, 30 Buddhist Priests along with 4 civilians were shot dead in Aranthalawa, Am para.

On July 13, 1989 A. Amirthalingam, leader of the Tamil United Liberation Front (T ULF) and former Leader of the Opposition, and MP for Jaffna, V. Yogeswaran were both assassinated. On January 28, 1990 Provincial Minister for North & East, T. Ganesha lingam was assassinated. These are just a few leaders and ministers that were assassinated by the Tamil Tigers just because they want their independence.

Hopefully, you are convinced now that the Tamil Tiger is a terrorist group, and not freedom fighters as they claim themselves to be. Surely, they are fighting to get their independence and their freedom, but that's no excuse to be going out and assassinating leaders and priests, having suicide missions to destroy boats, airplanes, battleships, and buildings, killing hundreds of people daily, and to be kidnapping, brainwashing, and sending kids to die for their freedom! Think about it, would you want your son or daughter at the age of 10 or older to be kidnapped and used as a fighter for this organization? Would you want a close innocent friend to be killed in a building, boat, or an airplane during a suicide mission set by the Tamil Tiger? Hopefully your answer is no to these questions.