My First Drum As a kid I always wanted to play the drums. When I was three years old my godmother gave me my first drum. It was a blue plastic rem o drum that I love and I still have. It has white stripes that go vertically and it has two black rem o pin strip drum heads. Drumheads are the surface, which you strike with a drumstick to produce a sound. The drum came with a pair of cheap plastic rem o brand drumsticks.

That I hardly use became if I do, I would probably break the drumsticks. One day when I was in sixth grade I came home on my birthday, and when I opened the door I saw a medium size brown box that said pearl on the side. As I swathe box that said pearl I jus started to jump around and my mom jus said, "happy birthday." That was the happiest day of my life. Finally, I got a real drum and real drumsticks. My brother bought me the pro-mark 2 B drumsticks, which are my favorite drumsticks. When I opened the box I saw the most beautiful thing, a silver snare drum.

The snare drum came with a black squared case that says, "pearl", on both sides. The next day like any other kid I took my drum to school so I could show it off. Man, I was the envy of every kid. No one, but no one had a drum as cool as mine. The only kid who had a decent drum was my friend, but his parents bought it at a pawnshop. I remember when he got it because I helped him clean it.

The shell of the drum, which is the outside of the drum, was full of brown little rust spots. I remember the teacher would get after me because during lunch or anytime I had during school I would set up my snare n practice. I remember kids would listen to me play even when I was playing quarter notes, which was lesson one. The funny part was that they would clap after I would finish playing. I felt like if I was giving a concert, and I still remember the interest on the kid's faces when I would be playing. My favorite audience was the kinder garden students because I would play anything and they would like it.

I remember I would have to study a lot because if my grade went down I would get grounded and my parents knew what to ground me with. My weak spot my silver baby, my snare drum. One time I was grounded for a week for not going to church. My parents would tease me with the drum they would leave it in my room. If I would touch the drum I would get another week. So I would be there playing on a pillow, but thanks to that pillow my hands got faster because I wouldn't bounce, I would use my wrist.

I believe the greatest thing to ever happen to me was my snare drum, and I want to thank my teacher, Mr. Cantu for teaching me the correct techniques and teaching me how to practice. One thing that helps me in school was practicing because thanks to that I learned how to manage my time in studying. As a student in college I go back and I think about all the crazy times I had with my drum, and I enjoy thinking about them. But thanks to my parents who on my fifth teen birthday bought me a drum set.

Now I play in a band called, "Sons of Apollo." Which means we are the sons of the god of music.