' Abbie Rader Title: The lost boy Author: Dave Pelzer Publisher: Health Communications, Incorporated Publication Date: September 1997 Number of pages: 250 Lost boy is a follow up to Dave Pelzer's book A Child Called It. This Novel Is a Auto-biography by Dave Pelzer. It follows his experiences in the foster care system. After being taken from his mother Dave goes from one foster home to another and he describes his life there. The Novel starts out where it left off in the novel A Child called "It" which is his mother as always abusing him. To better knowledge you on this book the first paragraph of this novel reads (I'm alone.

I'm hungry and I'm shivering in the dark. I sit on top of my hands at the bottom of the stairs in the garage. My head is tilted backward. My hands became numb hours ago. My neck and shoulder muscles begin to throb. But that's nothing new- I've learned to turn off the pain.

I'm Mother's prisoner. ) This nine years old boy was treated worse then the animals he lived with. He was told when to move, when to eat, and when he was aloud to sleep. This novel takes you threw him being taken from his mother which made him a ward of the state to going threw series of foster family and also in a juvenile detention center. I think that everyone in the world should read this book because it is a very in debt novel.

Any one that wants to pursue a career dealing with child abuse or anything related to it should also read this book so they can see a abused child's point of view. The main reason that I love this book dearly is because it is a very emotional novel and also because it really metaphorically put you in Dave's life situations. To me this book was one of the most dramatic and emotional book that I have ever read. The descriptive writing of Dave Pelzer really makes you feel at the end of the book as if you new Dave your whole life.

So this is why I chose The Lost Boy, by Dave Pelzer to read as my report.