Driving Miss Daisy This is a report on the story 'Driving Miss Daisy'. The main characters are Daisy Werthan, Boolie Werthan, and Hoke Colburn. Alfred Uhr y wrote the play. It started in nineteen forty-eight and ended in nineteen seventy-three. It's a play based on a female Jew, which is Daisy Werthan, which passes the ages of seventy-two to ninety-seven years old, and a black chauffeur named Hoke. Daisy's son Boolie is stuck in between Daisy's prejudice and Hoke.

Here goes. Daisy showed her first type of prejudice when Hoke told her 'yo zinnias cold use a little tendin' to'. She told him to leave them alone. He also offered to put vegetables in the garden. Daisy just gave him a rude reply. Now my opinion is that she didn't want him to touch her garden because she wasn't sure if black people knew how to take care of that type of thing.

She also could have meant to be rude, not prejudice, because she doesn't want help from anybody for anything, ever. Her next example of racism was when Hoke was looking at the walls that had pictures on them, and Daisy saw him, She told him she didn't like him 'nosing through' all her things. All he did was try to compliment her on her house, and to be more specific, her walls. Hoke told her that he liked a house that had pictures in it. Now, what I think is that this part could go two ways. She might not be comfortable with the fact that an almost stranger is looking at her pictures, especially if they had her husband in them.

She might not want Hoke to ask questions about her husband because it would remind her of her husband. There's also the prejudice way to look at it. Since Daisy didn't like black people, she might not want them looking at her stuff, let alone be in the same house. The next part is confusing. It was when Hoke was going to wipe off her (Daisy) car. Daisy said not to touch her car.

She also gave more rude remarks, such as 'it's never been out of the garage', and also 'I don't want you touching my car, you understand?' . She could have said that because she doesn't want him driving her anywhere. It might be because she is jealous of her car, or she might not want to take care of it so she can get a new one and start driving again. Then there is the prejudice way. She doesn't want, in her words, 'one of them' touching something of hers that's valuable, let alone anything being touched. Hoke offers to go sit in the kitchen until five o'clock.

He probably expected to get a reply from Daisy telling him not to, but instead she just told him that it was okay. That was rude of her. Hoke told Daisy that he had to take her to Piggy Wiggly to buy coffee and Dutch Cleanser because they were running low and I della told them to buy it. She (Daisy) said she was going to take the trolley instead. Daisy likes doing things on her own, so that could be why she didn't want Hoke to take her. It could have been that she didn't want to be seen with a black man, which is the prejudice side.

It also could have been because she didn't want anyone to think that she was rich because she would be seen with a chauffeur. That was my report on the prejudice that Daisy Werthan has showed from in the book. I added my point of views, different aspects, and also my opinions to try to get you to understand it the way I do. Throughout the story, Daisy fades away her prejudice. It took a great amount of time to do that, but the most important part is that she got out the prejudice.