Each year as the temperature drops people dread the cold weather. That's not the case at all for me. I look forward to seeing the weather drop and the snow fall. During the warm weather the temperature varies from hot to mildly warm and at night it cools down. There are wind, rain, and heat storms.

The days are longer, there is more plant life, and several animals come out of hibernation. During the cold weather the temperature varies from mildly warm to freezing cold. There are hail, and snow storms. The days are shorter, plants die, and animals go into hibernation. Many people love the warm weather and hate the cold. I on the other hand love it.

They both have there advantages and disadvantages. Some people love the longer days, plant life, and animals during the warm weather. On the other hand it is also enjoyable to play in the snow. The wind, rain, and heat storms can sometimes become disasters during the warm weather similar to how snow and hail storms are disasters during the winter. Some people love the warm weather because of the longer days but I am a night person and love to do my activities at night.

Also people are more comfortable in shorts and a T-shirt but I am more comfortable in thick close. I sleep better at night wrapped up in thick planchets than I do being uncomfortably hot. You can always dress warmer in the cold weather but you can't do much when you get hot. Overall I like the cold weather better. They both have there disadvantages but I am more comfortable in the cold weather and I tend to have allot more fun..