Yvonne Sanchez 800112219 Public Speaking 1301 Persuasive outline Final speech Legal Driving Age Debate Attention Getter A. Is premature driving killing our teens? B. Headlines read "Teen driver killed in wreck" High school student dies in car crash." C. In South Carolina 2% of the states drivers are under the age of 18.

Those teens make up 4% of the drivers involved in fatal collisions and 7% of all accidents. D. The reason all these accidents happen is because too many teens are getting behind the wheel without enough experience or common sense. E. Which makes this issue a reason for a new law to come into play. Credibility A.

I have been driving for the past three years. B. Since, those three years I have gotten three tickets, which have been in those three different years. C. In asking friends and family all seem to think that the idea for raising the driving age would be a good idea. There are many benefits of raising the legal driving age from 16 to 18, and many solutions to lowering teenage accidents in the US.

Preview A. First, raising the legal driving age will lower the amount of teenage drivers which will lower the amount of teens on the road who may potentially cause accidents. B. Secondly, this will give teens a better idea of becoming responsible and see driving more as a privilege and not a right as some do now.

Third, parents will not have to worry about their teen driving recklessly at an early age because they wont be allowed to drive at all. D. Finally, the percentage of teenage deaths will decrease due web.