El Salvador vs. USA In my country, El Salvador, the GNI or Gross National Income is many times less than the United State of America's. Our GNI is only 13. 6 billion, while the US' is 10, 110. 2 billion. Every day we get 28 newspapers for every thousand people, while the US has 213 newspapers for every thousand people.

In the US, it is not common for people to have multiple radios; they have 2, 117 radios per one thousand people, while we only have 478 radios for every thousand people. In El Salvador, we do not have many television sets and only 20% of the people own one. In the US, 84% of the people own a TV. We also do not have many personal computers. For every one thousand people, we have 21. 9 computers, whereas in the US, they have 625 computers for every one thousand people.

Our health system is also not as good as the US. Almost 1/3 of the babies born are dead, while in the US only. 007% of the babies in the US die. We also do not have very many fixed phone lines.

There are about 218 mobile phones or fixed lines for every thousand people. In the US, they have 1, 117. 9 phones per one thousand people. This means that many people have more than one, while only 22% of our people have a phone. All of these factors are important for comparing the standard of living in my country and the US. The US is much better off and they have many more advantages than we do.

If I had the choice of where to live and work after I graduated from college, I would definitely live in the US. They have many more opportunities and more technology available to everyone, not just the wealthy.