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Sample essay topic, essay writing: Personal Values And The Market - 1,292 words

The sample essay you see on this page is a free essay, available to anyone. You are welcome to use this samle for your research! However, we strongly do not recommend using any direct quotes from this essay for credit - you will most probably be caught for copying/pasting off the Internet.

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... ice because not everyone likes to do social charity and spend their money for other social interest in which they are not even interested while it is good for the people who likes the social functions so they will pay tax happily because they are getting what they want. The executive is the agent serving the interests of the principal. The justification disappears when the corporate imposes taxes and spends the proceeds for the "social" purposes. The basic reason why the doctrine of social responsibility involves the acceptance of the socialist view that political mechanisms, not market mechanism, are the appropriate way to determine the allocation of scarce resources of alternatives uses. The trouble of exercising "social responsibility" illustrates that the great quality of private enterprise if forces people to be responsible for their own actions and makes it difficult for them to use people for either selfish or unselfish reason they thinks that they can do good but only at their own cost or basis.

The current way of solving the problems by quicker and surer way are by government having responsibility to impose taxes and determine expenditure for such so social purpose. In a free society it is hard for the sin people to do evil especially since one good for one is bad for another sin. The doctrine of social responsibility taken seriously would extend the scope of political mechanism to every human activity. At the end Friedman concludes by saying that "there is one and only one social responsibility of business to use its resources and engage in activities designed to increase profits so long as it stays within the rules of the game, which is to say, engaged in open and free competition without deception or fraud".Q 3 Outline and critically compare and contrast distributive and libertarian concepts of justice, making reference to Rawls and Nozick ?Thinking of a human culture as more or less a independent relationship is regulated by a common start of justice. A Start of justice is a set of principles for choosing between the social arrangment that determine this separation and for underwriting a agreement as to the proper distributive shares. The first view of the rational conceptions of justice would seem to be utilitarian. We can oblige surrender on ourselves now for the sake of a greater advantage after.

The most direct conception is justice is maximizing the good. A proper understanding of what is good, but we can think of the good as already given by the interest of balanced individuals. According to the principle of explanation of common sense percepts of justice and their seemingly strict character is that they are those rules which experience shows must be strictly respected and departed from only under exceptional circumstances. The principle of utility is incapable of explaining the fact that in a just society of liberties of equal citizenship are taken into granted the right of justice are not subject to political bargaining nor to the social interests. They have to decide themselves once and for all what the their start for justice. One of the significant situation we can say is no one knows his position in society not even his natural abilities and talents.

The theory of justice and ethics itself is part of the general theory of rational choice. The principle of utility, which is problem in justice, is thought an arising from the original agreement for this kind. The brief sketch of the start of distributive shares implicit in the principles of justice, which seems would be chose from original position. The two principle of justice which the Rawls suggested here are 1 we shall not try to show that they would be chosen in the original position 2 It must suffice that it is plausible that they would be, at least in preference to the standard form of traditional theories. The meaning of these principles is that they allow for the strictness of of the claims of justice. The two principles of justice which we discuss can be formulated as follows: First, each person engaged in an institution or affected by it has an equal right to the most extensive liberty compatible with a like liberty for all second inequality is defined as defined by institutional structure is to except that they will work out to everyone's advantage and from which they may be gain are open to all.

The first principle of justice is to the main institution of the social system and their arrangement how they are combined together.The basic problem of distributive justice is the difference in life prospects which come in the way and second principle works here like if the more expectations can gain in more working while playing the whole social system improve the expectation of the least will be gained. The variation of the principle says that these inequalities are just if and only if they are part of larger system in which they work out and gain the unluckiest representative man. The injustices can be removed only if the two men are of equal talent and ability. For example, if the greater expectation of the representative raises that of the unskilled labourer, it also raises that of the semi skilled. The situation of justice is one pure technical justice, as there is no independent measure by which the outcome can be judged. According to the Nozick the distributive justice is not neutral it is something used as mechanism for some principles or to give out a supply of things. He talks about the past justice in which people were not knowing what justice tells us about holdings.

The subject of justice in holdings consist of three major concepts The first original acquisition of holdings, this includes the issues of how unheld things may come to the held, the process of unheld things bringing up to held. The second concepts was transfer of holdings from person to another, this includes gift and fraud, as well as reference to particular conventional details fixed in a society. And the third major concept, which is under holding, is the rectification of injustice of holdings. The distribution is just only if everyone is entitled to the holdings they posses under the distribution. The parallel between justice preserving transformations and truth preserving transformation illuminates where it fails as well as where it holds. Justice is depend on what has actually occurred.

The belief of justice is achievement and the other belief is transfer.It is a consequence of justice that principles of justice are structurally identical distributions are equally just. The very good example of the time slice principle is the welfare of economics. Example: if some persons are in prison for the murder or war crimes, we do not say that to assess the justice of the distribution in the society we must look only at what this person has, and that person has, and that person has.... at the current time. Justice is historical and the historical principles of justice hold that past situation or actions of the people can create differential entitlements or different deserts to things. Another very good example is given by Nozick is of the basketball teams of chamberlain. He tells us that people go on crazy and has given their twenty five cents to the Chamberlain instead of using that money for their own like watching movies and many more. This happens because they care about things other than needs.The general point is any favored pattern would be transformed into one unfavored by the principle, by people choosing to act in various ways like people exchanging goods and services with other people.

And to stop this one should stop people by transferring resources as they wish to..

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