Keith Adams - Interactive Web Page Design Web Page Critique web Roller Hockey's flash enabled web site is very good. It starts out with a loading page before entering going into a intro and then to their site that includes product information, info about roller hockey, news (full of info), and a question and answer section (the Q&A page didn't quite make sense). The site is full of animations. All of the buttons roller over to an animated version of the button. Problems include: the 'people and players' page is incomplete, there is no clear way to go back to the main menu page from the peripheral pages and when you do go back it starts up the intro again.

The 'our stuff' page is laid out very nicely, instead of linking to separate pages for their different products it opens a menu for the products on the same page. On the 'where to buy it' page you can search for a retailer in your area (it has information about Cal Skate! ), or you can connect to 'e-tailers.' You can also download the catalog and view it in acrobat reader. web 's site starts out with a loading page that includes a status monitor to let you know how much of the page you have opened. It quickly plays a short movie including sound to keep you interested before loading the rest of the page. The site includes fun stuff like a game, a movie clip (Most Valuable Primate), and CCM commercials.

There is a separate frame at the top of the page for a very nice flash powered navigation bar. Once you choose a line of products you can view the different products using the built in scroll bar. The design is excellent but I think they could use a little more real information about their products and some real photos of their products instead of drawings. Both sites use flash extensively and are worth checking out.