Though born at different times and in different places Edgar Allen Poe and Bryan Warner (Marilyn Manson) are surprising social and ideological doppelgangers. Starting as early as their childhood you can notice notable similarities. Bryan spent the majority of his time at his grandparent's house. It was a generally hostile area for young children, leaving little access to parental supervision or interaction.

Poe on the other hand had no father around to begin with and his mother died when he was two. He went on to live with his mother's business associate who turned out to be quite abusive. Now due to personal problems Poe was unable to attend school any longer and didn't finish his education which had been a aspiration of Poe's to be removed. This seemed to be a similar trend between Poe and Bryan, because Manson did it as well.

Both writers were similar in there choice of work as well, and how they delivered them. Both Poe and Bryan published many works before there writing became popular. The macabre story of "The Tell-Tale Heart" by Edgar A. P. is quite similar to Bryan's first published work about himself ending up murdering and raping his sister. Obviously the chosen tone by both of these individuals is similar because they desire to put out a persona.

This persona is a general feeling that each Artist expresses as a discontentment with life and society, and leads to there morbid works. Poe wrote "Poe's Tales of the Grotesque and Arabesque", where Bryan published a CD "The Golden Age of Grotesque" which both turned out to be fairly similar. On an ideological level they both consider the modern man to not be that modern. They were both haunted by something internal possibly even external that drove them nearly insane and tainted there view of all of society. Both of them had very low morality and on many accounts lusted after family members and the same sex on occasion. Poe left the Army and West Point which had been the next step in his life, he enjoyed the army in many ways ideologically speaking but still loved writing too much to not follow it.

He married his first cousin against the wishes of his family and decided to make a life. Bryan decided not to go into military but still always struggled with organized religion, he also had a sexual fascination with family members. This lead to his intense spying on his grandfather (who was a sexual deviant) and his sexual desire of his sister, his biography hints towards foul play. Speaking ideologically these two individuals shared many of the same beliefs with different labels, they both struggled with "God" and "Organized Religion", and they both did what they felt at the moment with no desire for repentance. On a personal level they were similar in a lot of ways. They both had substance issues; Poe was an alcoholic and was known to consume lots of other intoxicants.

Where Bryan does use narcotics and everything else, he seems to be able to go for months at a time off of them then go back on. They both were considered to be antisocial and even social deviants of there time. Both of them spent time in jail or other detention centers for there actions that they believed they were entitled to do. They both were personally depressed but also enjoy who they were, they made a good deal of money even in there own times. No matter how many people enjoyed them they still felt that there work was terrible and that they had no place. They both believed the world to be a dark place and possibly have a way of fixing it.

In saying that, both of these artists are very similar and possibly way ahead or way behind of there times. Sources: web "Long Hard Road to Hell" -Marilyn Manson.