Brandon Glenn Mr. MazzarelliHistory 10 Wednesday, February 26, 2003 George "Bugs" Moran: The Gangster George "Bugs" Moran was not born in Chicago as thought by many people. He was born to Polish and Irish immigrant parents in 1893. Although, he was shortly moved to Chicago where it all started.

Moran joined many different gangs throughout his childhood and teen years. He committed more than 20 known robberies and was imprisoned three times before he was just 21 years of age. He was soon very important to a man's gang that called themselves the Dion O'Banion's North Siders. Moran eventually became the head man of the North Siders when both of his predecessors were shot by Al Capone's hit men. While he was still involved in this gang, he was the gun-man that tried to knock off Johnny Torrio. Moran was also in the lead car in the famous car cavalcade that drove past Al Capone's Cicero headquarters, The Hawthorn Inn, firing over 1000 shots into the building.

The gangs' war ended with the St. Valentines Day massacre. The St. Valentines Day massacre was an event that ended the whole war between the two gangs of Johnny Torrio and Moran's North Siders. This event is probably the most well known mobster event in history. The North Side gangs was really getting on Al Capone's nerves, so he sent his best hit men, "Machine Gun" Jack McG urn and others to make a new murder history.

The men stole a police car, and drove to the place they were about to attack. There were seven men that belonged to the North Side gang. The hit team had all seven men stand up and face the wall. The seven complied, expecting a pat down search for weapons and identification. Then two of Capone's men opened up with Thompson sub machine guns, peppering each victim with numerous rounds from the. 45 caliber weapon.

They acted as if they were police men arresting themselves as they walked outside and drove away. It was the perfect crime except that the main target, Bugs Moran was not there, and was still alive. The war between the gangs ended in a draw. Capone came closest to Moran in the Saint Valentines Day Massacre caper but Moran was late arriving that day and lucked out.

Through the 1930's, Moran's power began to wane even though his nemesis, Capone, was now in jail. Moran's crimes after this never amounted to much. His crimes were dull and boring compared to what they had been in the 1920's. He eventually moved to Ohio where he was arrested in July, 1946, for robbing a bank messenger of a measly $10, 000, an amount that would have been loose change for him in his prohibition days. He was convicted and sentenced to ten years. After Moran was released from jail, he was convicted of a bank robbery that he did earlier in his life, and was sent to a jail in Leavenworth.

Moran eventually died here of cancer in 1957. Moran was one of the most unpredictable characters to come out of the Prohibition era. He could be extremely comical at one hour, and be deadly the next. Moran could play many different roles throughout his entire life. He was truly an extraordinary character in the roaring 20's..