I believe that World Wide Web restrictions should not be allowed. I believe that they are not helpful to the people that use the World Wide Web. I feel that the restrictions on the World Wide Web at school are too strict. At school most sites you try to view are prohibited and they are totally harmless sites.

I feel that at school the only restrictions that should be put on the World Wide Web are restrictions to pornographic sites. Even these sites should not be blocked because some harmless sites have web addresses that would seem like a pornographic site but end up being a totally harmless site. With the block at school some of these harmless sites are blocked and therefor limiting the web user who made need information from sites like these. Most students know better than to visit pornographic sites at school. So this block that forbids students to visit most sites just hurts the students learning ability in some cases. There should not be a block on the World Wide Web at school and if a student does visit a pornographic site then they should be prosecuted or disciplined.

I have used the World Wide Web ever since I was about 10 years old or so. I have found that restrictions on the World Wide Web just make researching a lot more frustrating. I hate it when I am searching for a site that would be very useful but is restricted because it falls into the blocked sites of the ones that are blocked because they are pornographic. I love researching on the World Wide Web because it is so much easier than using an encyclopedia.

Most of the time the World Wide Web has a lot more to offer than an encyclopedia. You can not watch a movie of an experiment in an encyclopedia like you can on the World Wide Web. The World Wide Web is big with many sites so it is hard to restrict sites and usually is done inefficiently therefor it is blocking harmless sites. People that visit pornographic sites in college as an art may find a restriction on the World Wide Web to be totally stupid. They may need these sites to pass a class and the restrictions would only hurt them.

Restrictions would only be limiting their knowledge so this is why I feel that restrictions would be unconstitutional. Even though I do not need to visit pornographic sites right now a restriction would only lessen a persons education. Students should not be held back on their education. They should be able to fill their heads with knowledge. The World Wide Web offers a lot so students can be educated.

Even though I feel pornographic sites are wrong, other people may see them as very important and useful. So restrictions here would not be right. World Wide Web restriction is not fair for those people that visit pornographic sites either. They have the right to look at whatever they want to on the World Wide Web as long as they are old enough. They paid for their Internet so they should be able to view anything and everything on the World Wide Web. A restriction would only make the World Wide Web a useless place for these people that use the World Wide Web for this reason.

These pornographic sites are the main income for some of the people that post their sites on the World Wide Web. So a restriction would put them out of business. I guess it depends on what kind of restriction is put on the World Wide Web to who it would affect. I know that any restriction would affect at least some people. So I feel the World Wide Web should have all of its sites open to all people. If they put a restriction on buying things online then it would affect many people.

A lot of people use the Internet to buy all kinds of items. It is much quicker to use the World Wide Web to buy items then going to a store and buy them. Some people buy things off auctions on the World Wide Web and there is like no other way this could be possible without the World Wide Web. Even though credit cards may not be secure on the World Wide Web all the time it is up to the user of the credit card to put their information on the World Wide Web. I feel that all this technology and thought put in the World Wide Web was great so why block it. It is like an insult to the makers of the World Wide Web and all the web designers that put their sites on the World Wide Web.

Just think back in the day we could only use phones to communicate and now thanks to genius's that thought of the World Wide Web we can do anything and expand our learning. On the other hand I can see how regulations on the World Wide Web would help. They could block really little kids from getting onto violent sites and pornographic sites. Little kids can learn a lot from the World Wide Web without all the sites available to them. But older kids and adults need the whole World Wide Web to do research and to learn and explore.

With students that go to school there should be regulations on sites that are pornographic, not sites that are believed to be pornographic. Older kids that are growing up need this education. I believe this regulation on the World Wide Web should be up to the person paying for it. Their World Wide Web should not be regulated by anybody but themselves. No one should be able to choose the way the live only ourselves. So all together I believe that World Wide Web regulations would not work and would not be fair.

So when it comes to World Wide Web regulation I think it would be a big debate but it still should not be allowed.