The puritans were a prime example of religious development of America. They had become social outcast in England, where they had little voice in matters, and so they migrated to America. There they set up the Massachusetts Bay colony, which flourished. With religious motivation too fulfill a Covenant with God to establish the New Jerusalem, successful model colony in America, they laid many of the foundations that would later be of great political importance. The Puritans established a two part representative body or legislature elected by the people and had a single leader, or executive, for many years was John Winthrop.

Winthrop might easily have legislative power to himself, but he did not, perhaps inspired by a theological view that believers within the community are all equal. Under the influence of Puritans as the philosophies of many other men, such as John Locke and Montesquieu and leaders of the European enlightenment, state legislature were formed in each of the colonies; and charters or constitutions, though requiring approval by the king, were written. Puritan tradition was won forced that warned America that taxation without representation was wrong. When acts of trade of navigation were enforced other acts were enacted, especially the declaratory act, emphasizing the power of parliament to tax and legislate without the consent of the colonist, the colonist felt that the political right had been infringed upon, and they revolted. Patel 2 The constitution for all the political ideas of Americans together in compromise. Puritan ideals were certainly present here as political issues.

The political conflict between industrial and agrarian influences and those of farmers and financiers would persist for many years; a new government formed that allowed way for political issues to be compromised. This had not been done with 17 th century theological issues. In the 17 th century, theological issues were not compromised, but in the struggle over these issues ideas of identity and self government were developed that became the great political issues American fought for in the 18 th century. The Puritan contribution to America had great to do with political issues, which derived from theological ideas. There influence in government swept through the colonies and their ideas helped colonists in the process of becoming independent. The Puritan way had great political impact on the colonist..