The oil painting only adds to how the overall feeling of the picture will touch you. This child's stern expression sets the painting apart from other paintings I have seen of children in that era. The girls in 1886 paintings of children appear to be willing and happy in the way they looked in pictures. They smile and wear elaborate bonnets and frilly dresses to support this theory. In, Child in a Straw Hat, the little girl wears a plain, gray pinafore and a large, simple straw hat. Her wrinkly brow and sticking out upper lip suggest that she is impatient and very unwilling to cooperate to support it she may have been taken away from her play in order to pose.

The way the child standing so sad and afraid of the camera in a sense shows us how she was forced to come. I don't see how a child would not want to pose for a camera or painting with all attention but this child was taken out their zone. It seems to me as thought the child was having fun playing with or whoever they were playing with. The way the young girl's hands are crossed as though she had done something bad makes me eager to see why they are like. I think that the child was forced to pose like that and even almost forced to smile but could not. Just the title attracts you to this painting as a picture can speak 1000 words, and you can look at this picture from different aspects.

Yes she was a podgy little girl with "baby fat" on her but the way she showcases herself in the picture only adds to my theory. The painting in general is one that supports the thinking 'less is more'. Children paintings don't need that much detail because the picture can speak for itself.