Speeding and racing seem to be my favorite hobby when I sit on the car and drive. And I don't even care what will happen to me when I'm speeding and racing. Besides, my life just barely got out of a hole and ready to get back on track. Unfortunately, an incident that had tilled my life until this day would never be able to fade away.

During spring term when I was still attending at Cal Poly Pomona University, two weeks before the final; my friends and I, three of us went on a road trip to Sacramento to attend to my friend's girlfriend high school graduation ceremony. We left on Friday night and returned home on Sunday morning. On the way return home, we switched driver and rested several times to avoid the driver fall asleep or the car might get overheat because of the hot weather. We already had driven more than half the distance from Sacramento to Los Angeles. Shortly after I saw a resting area board display on the side of the I-5 freeway, I asked my friend to stop for rest. We rested there likely no more than fifteen minutes and continued to head home.

This time, it was my turn to drive because both of them are tired. The car started and I began to put it in motion. Like normally, after I entered the freeway, I always kept it with a steady speed between 75 mph to 80 mph. All suddenly, I began to speeding up and had passed many other vehicles. Meanwhile, I was also joking with my friend on the passenger side and teasing at him because he was scare and nervous; while my other friend sitting in the back enjoy his dinner without any worrying. I kept on speeding until there was no more space for me to change lane.

Within a few second later, I felt that I needed to make a decision which is the best for our safety. I tried to slow down but suddenly there were an eighteen wheels truck in front of me, the four doors Nissan Sentra on the left, and the dessert with even pave on the right. I knew that I didn't have enough space for me to change the lane between the truck in front of me and the car on my left. Therefore, I began to step the break really hard and tried to slow down as much as I could to reduce my speed. At that time, I was holding on my steering wheel really tight, but all suddenly my car began to slam into the metal bar behind the truck within a second.

There wasn't more time for me to make further decision. The motion at that time was likely a ball is being thrown into the block wall and bouncing back. My friend and I got cut on the forehead from the windshield because I didn't replace the airbags due to the minor accident a month before. The guy in the back seat flied to the front and also landed his head on the windshield. Luckily, the metal bar of the truck was high enough to hit above the engine or else three of us would fly out from the car. A few minutes later we were taken to the hospital for treatments.

My other friends, from Los Angeles, had to drive more than 3 hours at midnight to pick us up at the hospital and we not even got home until the next day. After that immature act incident, I had lost my car and would not be able to go to school. I felt so depressed and regretted of what I did. Still, I couldn't make to school and take the final. Due to the G. P.

A I currently have and 13 units I took for that quarter I received all failing grades. I knew I would get terminate from the university. Two months later, my license got suspended due to the two tickets I received in the past and the two accidents. Therefore, I quit school and joined to Navy to restart my life from fresh. Unluckily, I was also discharged from duty due to my medical reasoning. Life is like a long journey we have to travel.

Doesn't matter that I have to hike through a high mountain or swim across a big lake. There are always much more challenges in life a person need to faces and stand up to deal with any situation. Things never went right for me as a result of what I did before, but I never give up. That is why I am trying to continue my education and have a bright future.