Comparison between a Discount Store and Department Store When you walk into a discount store such as Ross, you will notice rows and rows of clothing racks. If you look down you will see tile floors. Ross has several different sections. They have a men's, sports ware, women's, juniors, children's, under garments, electronics, luggage, kitchen accessories, shoes, accessories, bed and bath, and seasonal.

These sections are all scattered through out the store. When you walk into a section, you will notice the aisles are very close not allowing carts east access between them. If you are looking for a specific item be prepared to search for it. Since all their clothing is on rows of racks all the different types of brands and styles are all together, not allows a quick walk in grab what you want and leave type of deal. All of Ross's registers are in the front of the store. So if you in the back of the store and ready to check out you must first walk to the front of the store.

If you want to try something on before you purchase it you must walk to the back of the store where the fitting room and bathrooms are. Now if you compare Boscovs to Ross they have a lot of differences. When you walk into Boscovs you will see all the clothing nicely placed on clothing racks spaced fairly far apart. Their floors are half tile and half carpet. The walkways are tile but where their clothing is a nice comfortable carpet was placed down.

They also have different departments which is similar to Ross. They offer a men's, boy's, women's, children's, juniors, petites, misses, formal, toys, electronics, furniture and appliances, fine china, candy, hunting and exercise, linen, bath, perfume, jewelry, cosmetics, shoes, accessories, and seasonal. All their different brands of clothing and styles are placed on different racks making easier for a quick grab what you want and leave. They are well organized and a nice layout for the store. They have fitting rooms and cash registers through out the store making it easy to purchase your items. You don't have to walk very far before you find a register.

The employees are Boscovs are also more willing to help you find something you " re looking for and at Ross you don't get that. If you looking for something cheap and name brand Ross and any discount store is the way to go but if you don't have the time to look and really don't care what u spend Boscovs is the better way to go. You can find exactly what u want in less than 5 minutes. With Ross you need to spend time finding the item you want..