An informative summary of Deputy had to pull taser to arrest Green Andy Ne lesen (2005, April), Deputy had to pull taser to arrest Green. Green Bay Press Gazette. A sheriff deputy's taser convinced Ahman Green to quit resisting arrest late on Monday night. Police where called to Ahman Greens house at 10: 10 PM Monday night when a 911 call was hung up and two repeat calls yielded no answer. They arrived to find Heather Green at an intersection near there home. She then told officers that her and her husband where having marital difficulties.

Heather Green had told deputies that Ahman was punching the pillows and the bed before he got in her face and yelled. He was yelling so loudly and walking toward her that he backed her up to the wall. She got away from him and ran to call 911 which he then grabbed the phone from her and hung up. As deputies pressed Ahman for information he told then to leave his house, and that he was a football player and wanted to go to sleep. When he refused to answer anymore question police informed him that he was under arrest and to put his hands behind his back. At which time he began to resist until a Sergeant Tim Johnson upholstered his taser then Green decided to cooperate with police.

Ahman was taken to the Brown County jail where he post $150 bond and was released no charges have been pressed. In a statement from Ahman "I am only human, just like anyone else in this country, in this world, and things happen." This is the third domestic violence incident for Ahman Green.