The second movie report I chose to do was The Lord of the Rings - The Two Towers. This movie is a sequel of the first and is the second of three. It continues the long and interesting story about two young men who set out to safe their country of Middle Earth. Everything relies in their hands and the Ring of Sauron must be destroyed.

The second movie left off right where the first ended and it was even better than the first I thought. Frodo and Sam find themselves lost in the rocky hills west of the river and know that Gollum, the creature wanting the Ring, is following them closely. They manage to capture the corrupt creature and keep him with them for a while. Since Frodo is carrying the Ring as Gollum once did, he pities and feels sorry for the ugly creature. Frodo agrees to let Gollum go and Gollum agrees to guide Frodo and Sam to the Black Gate, the entrance to Mordor. It is in these gates and up in the mountain where the Ring must be destroyed.

Gollum swears by the Ring to obey its master which is Frodo and Frodo accepts the promise. Sam by the way is worried and remains suspicious. Frodo begins to call Gollum by his true name which is Sm'e agol. Sm'e agol seems very eager and willing to please Frodo. Gollum leads them through hills and swamps that were all haunted and not safe for them, especially for Frodo who possesses the Ring. During some time, Sam overhears Gollum talking to himself saying how he was going to kill the Hobbits and take the Ring from Frodo.

As the viewer, you begin to see two sides of Gollum. One side he wants to obey Frodo while the other side he wants the Ring for himself and that is where he is pure evil. Once Sam and Frodo reach the Black Gate as Gollum promised to take them to, they begin to realize that it is hopeless to go through the gate and continue their quest. There is no way to approach unseen and it is too dangerous for Frodo with Orcs and Sauron being so close. Gollum begs them not to enter and reveals that there is a better way to get into Mordor safely.

Even though it is difficult and dangerous, it is much safer keeping away from the enemy. Sam is still suspicious of Gollum and doesn't want to go that way. Frodo chooses to accept his help. They decided to rest a while and cook some rabbit Sm'e agol caught when the fire the make attracts men of Gondor who take Sam and Frodo captive. These men are out to destroy Sauron's forces. After a battle with some Orcs, Sam accidentally reveals the burden of the Ring that Frodo has to the leader of the men of Gondor, who is Faramir.

Faramir stands by his word and makes no attempt to take the Ring. They are then released once realizing that the Ring needs to be destroyed and can do them no help. Armies begin to fight for the first time in the movie at Helm's deep. Middle Earth is now under attack to be seized for control. The Rohirrim, the good guys, use traditional weapons such as swords and bows while the enemy is using a modern army. Explosives of some sort and things such like that.

Even though the Rohirrim win and prevail, a lot of men are lost and they need to take part in some of the modern warfare. While all that was going on, Sam and Frodo make their way past the Minas Mogul, home of the Black Riders. Gollum leads them into a hidden path into the mountains that is clogged with spider webs. Sam has not gone in because Gollum has gotten Frodo to turn on him and Frodo has asked Sam to leave and go back. Sam is destroyed mentally because he knows that Gollum is going to try and kill Frodo and take the Ring. Gollum hopes to take the Ring and recover it once Frodo is attacked by a gigantic spider.

Sam comes back and helps Frodo escape the spider for a little bit. They get out of the cave and that is when the spider bites Frodo and stings him. Sam drives the spider back into the cave but finds his master cold and lifeless. There looked like there was no hope.

Sam forces himself to take the ring from Frodo and continue the quest. Sam hides quickly because he hears the sound of Orc voices. He is forced to put on the ring to get out of the Orcs sight. The enemy takes Frodo as a prisoner.

Sam has also learned from the Orcs conversation that Frodo is not dead and should be awake in a few hours. They say that they are going to kill him. Once the guards leave and everything is clear, Sam takes the ring off and is basically in shock.