Have you ever felt you wanted something so badly you would give up your life for it? well often strong people, that means people with strong determination and will power, do. They don't exactly give up their life but put hard work and all their might into it. Strong people do as they wish and they also accomplish any goal they set themselves to. Throughout history there has been many examples of strong people but none of them compares to the example of Winston Churchill.

Winsotn Churchill was dedicated to his work and had a strong will. He is the vivid example of a determined man and his help in World War 2 is the best representation of what fighting for your beliefs means. He fought against the axis powers and obtained a great triumph. He set his goals strait and those were to liberate europe from all oppression. He was the prime minister of Great Britain but some say he was the leader behind the whole allied side. He struggled year after year looking for a way to defeat the Germans and stop the war, he had a hard time accomplishing this and had to fight many battles both in the trenches and outside of them to achieve his goal.

This shows the persistence and the strong will he had. He had a lot of set backs and troubles in accomplishing his goals but due to his hard work and all his effort he carried out his plans. His men were dying in the western front and jewish people were getting killed due to Hitlers genocide, all this going through his head was a lot to deal with but even though he organized himself and triumphed. This demonstrates how Winston Churchill faced adversity and beat it back with his own will power and conviction. His determination lead to his very own triumph. He knew that showing a strong arm was the best move because it showed a man with principles and who wasn't thinking on changing them.

This inspired fear on German generals and influenced the outcome of the war. People who are strong in their character and decisions meet all their goals. The day the war ended was the happiest in Winston's life because he felt like everything he had fought for had a good purpose. This feeling is the best we can find and it comes out of acts were we show how determined we are and how strong we actually are.

Many people look up to Winston Churchill and find him as a great example of will power and effort. People with a strong will and who give their best effort always meet their goals. Giving up your life isn't worth it but giving a strong effort is, because the strong do as they wish.