Fortune 5% of Top 500 (Highest Profits) Earlier this year we wrote a paper on the Top 10 most admired companies according to Fortune Magazine. As I read through the different magazines I realized that most of Fortune's top 500 were also the same as the most admired companies, a coincidence I think not, the same people that work hard in business put the same work in trying to accomplish sales records also. At least every one of the top 500 companies has been involved in the most admired company list also. Looking back throughout the last five years I see that Wal-mart has always been listed and is currently reached the top at the number one spot.

Sam Walton Wal-mart founder has put a great deal of hard time and work to make Wal-Mart the success that it has become. Wal-Mart was founded in 1962 in Arkansas from then to the present 2002 Wal-mart has shot up to making the highest profits of all other stores in the U. S. A. In 1979 Wal-mart racked up a billion dollars in sales. By 1993 it did that much in a week, by 2001 Wal-mart was reaching that goal and beyond in a day.

Fortune 500 has followed Wal-mart the whole way and they have seen Wal-mart blossomed from one to over 100, 000 stores and superstores. Exxon has also been a very successful company in America in 1998 Exxon was the highest profit making company in the U. S. In 1999 it ranked number 4, in year 2000 after the exciting Exxon and Mobile merge it remained number 4, and the following year it went back up to number 1. Currently Exxon it doing well it was also one of the top 10 most admired companies and has a large amount of stores. There has been two times that Exxon was number one in profits in year 1998 when it was Exxon and in 2001 after the merge.

Exxon and Mobile decided that it would be a great idea if they put both of their companies together and made more profits the merge was a success. General Electric is also a very successful company in the U. S. Sitting at the number one spot in the top ten most admired companies general electric has shined throughout the last five years. General Electric had rose above their competitors throughout the years.

General Electrics profits in 1998-99 General Electric was number 2, in the year 2000 general electric was sitting at number one, 2001 and 2002 the company was at a stand still at number 2. Fortune Top 500 from 98-2002 has been very intrest 8 ing and has taught me things I would of never known. It shows me that the very successful companies have to work hard and without determination and dedication they would not be were they are and I think all of these companies really deserve their title as Fortune's Top 500 (Highest Profits).