The movie 'Norma Rae' was a realistic portrayal of the sad, immoral, and oppressive working conditions that existed in the imminent life of mass production workers, and one woman's struggle to overcome and improve the labor relation problems at a textile mill during the 1970's. Sally Field plays the leading role as Norma Rae fighting the poor working conditions at her job at O. P Henly. O.

P Henley was a textile mill located in southern United States, where Sally Field met with Ruben Warshovsky, a union organizer from New York, to help improve working conditions and compensation for employees at her factory through the use of unionization. Sally Field was actively involved in the fighting for improved labor reactions at her workplace. Sally sought to organizing members of her workplace by, engaging in campaigns such as fly er distribution, peer networking, sit down strikes, and other campaigning strategies as used by union activity of earlier years as explained in the text 'The real world of work'. Sally also fought with the help of Ruben, to organize and conduct the unionization election at her factory. The unionization of employees at O. P Henly was conducted when, a petition requesting an election was filled with the N.

L. R. B, followed by a secret ballot election held at the factory. Sally's hard work and determination won the employees at her factory, the legal right of collective bargaining with their employer, for better working conditions and compensation, through unionization. I personally agree with the views of the film because, people who are working in poor working conditions and are being neglected by their management, should have the right to unite against these issues, and be given the opportunity to bargain collectively for better.